Beats by Bobby

Beats by Bobby (Vol. 1)

Beats by Bobby (Vol. 1) by iambobbyjames  

Beats by Bobby (Vol. 2)
Beats by Bobby (Vol. 2) by iambobbyjames

$20 for Catalog/Pre-made beats - I have a catalog of about 300 beats in stock. Many different styles and genres. These beats are available and can be edited to taste for an additional fee of $5 per edit. An edit constitutes the process of receiving feedback from the artist and making subsequent changes to the beat. As a result, each draft or version of the song made requires the additional fee.

--->Additional $5 to edit Catalog/Pre-made beat to taste

$50 for Original beats - Collaboration with the artist will yield a completely original instrumental beat with exclusive rights to the artist. Original/Exclusive beats can be edited and revised at no additional cost.

--->Unlimited edits for no additional fee with Original/Exclusive beats.

EP Package Deal - $300 for 6-9 Original/Exclusive beats

--->$100 deposit is required for the purchase of an EP Package Deal

Album/Mixtape Package Deal - $500 for 10-13 Original/Exclusive beats

--->$200 deposit is required for the purchase of an Album/Mixtape Package Deal

*I usually do not include copyrighted samples in any beats unless it is at the request of a client, in which case, it is the client's responsibility to purchase the rights to sell the song as their own.

**All Catalog/Pre-Made beats will be tagged with my signature Bobby audio tag. Original/Exclusive beats will not have it per your request.

***It is not a requirement, however, I do request some form of credit attributed to the making of the song in the final packaging. Just looking to spread my name as far as I can.


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